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1. All Members of the MWCIA undergo the strictest vetting within the Industry which considers Technical Competency, Business Competency and of paramount importance, Consumer Care and After Sales Service. We expect the highest standards in all disciplines. The MWCIA members must put consumers first.
All MWCIA members must be qualified to the M.T.C. (Minimum Technical Competency) Standards, and hold a 'valid' MTC card.
2. The unique Consumer Charter which is enclosed to the centre of this leaflet gives a clear indication as to what standards of workmanship, professionalism, integrity and respect you will receive from your local MWCIA member.
3. All MWCIA members will give clear, concise advice, and an easily understood and clearly set out estimate of the works to be carried out, and the price of those works.
4. All MWCIA members undergo a ongoing programme of continual professional development (CPD) including elements of health and safety, technical advancements and customer care standards.
5. All MWCIA members must carry Public and Employers Liability Insurance, copies of these policies must be available to consumers upon request.
6. All MWCIA members must adhere to the ‘tidy site campaign’ whereby the consumers property must be protected from debris, both internally and externally and the site must be kept clean, tidy and safe at all times and at the end of each working day.
7. All MWCIA members must carry their coded Identification Card at all times for presentation to the consumer upon request.
8. All MWCIA members are provided with bespoke work wear which clearly shows their MWCIA Registration and the name of the member company. All members are encouraged to wear these garments when attending the consumers property.
9. In the unlikely event of a dispute between the consumer and the Master Trades member, a free Mediation service and Dispute resolution service is provided by the MWCIA. These mediations are carried out by Mr D Waterworth BSc (Hons) FBEng MEWI. Expert Witness / Building Surveyor / Building Engineer, with experience of over 1,000 disputed matters. The MWCIA member gives an undertaking that the Mediator’s findings will be final and will not be brought into question.
10. All MWCIA members, give an undertaking that they will provide a polite, reliable and professional service and will place the wellbeing of the consumer and the consumers property at the forefront of their work ethic throughout all of the transaction.

All consumers expect - Quality, reliability and professionalism. However we DEMAND IT from all our MWCIA Registered Members.

With this in mind we make it a condition precedent of membership that ALL consumers are given a signed and dated "Consumer Charter" by every MWCIA Registered Member, before work commences at their property.

  1. We will park our van considerately.
  2. We will not play our radio at site unless the client agrees to same.
  3. We will not smoke within 3 metres of the clients house.
  4. We will not ask or presume that we are entitled to a cuppa, we will wait to be offered one.
  5. We will not make sexual remarks or innuendo to any of our consumer clients.
  6. We will not use foul or offensive language within earshot of consumers children or the general public.
  7. We will use the appropriate amount of dustsheets within the consumers property.
  8. We will not move any of the consumers furniture unless this has been agreed by the consumer beforehand.
  9. We will not enter the consumers property if only minors are present.
  10. We undertake to keep the consumers property and site tidy, safe and clean, we will not knowingly damage lawns or gardens. We will ensure that all broken glass is removed immediately and all dangerous waste is moved away from the circulation paths of all members of the general public We will ensure the site is safe at all times.
  11. We will not strip off our shirt(s) in summer, as we understand this could offend our consumer clients.
  12. We undertake to act professionally,respectfully and to be proud of our status as a Registered MWCIA member.
  13. All and any extras or variations to the estimated works will be explained and costed prior to such works being carried out. We are fully aware that it is unacceptable to carry out extras and variations without the prior agreement and consent of the consumer.
  14. We will provide an estimate / quotation in plain English, the estimate will fully explain the extent of the works to be completed at the consumers property, with a full breakdown of the costs. We will explain fully to the consumer what work is to be carried out, where the work is to be carried out and prompt any extras or variations which may well be required during the works. The consumer will be made fully aware of what they are to receive for the amount they will be expected to pay.
  15. We will arrive promptly at the consumers property and we understand that time keeping is the very essence of being a professional trades person. However in the event that we may be late to the consumers property, we will make contact with the consumer at our earliest convenience and will keep the consumer fully informed of our anticipated time of arrival at the consumers property. We promise to keep the consumer fully informed of the work in progress and will fully explain, if required, the work that has been completed, the work that needs to be completed and an estimated time for the completion of the contractual works.
  16. We are fully aware of the MWCIA 'tidy site' campaign and we will ensure that the consumers property, both internally and externally will be swept clean of all debris, nails, screws, timber, masonry etc., prior to leaving the consumers property after each days work.
  17. We promise to provide a fair price for the transaction and hereby undertake that the cost of the works completed at the consumers property will be in line with the costings provided by similar trades people within our area of expertise within construction.
  18. We agree, that in the unlikely event that a dispute arises, we shall instigate the MWCIA Mediation Service. We further agree to be bound by the findings of the Mediator, and will adhere to such findings.