The Installer, Technical Article - Stop Trimming

Trims are not part of the window or door. Excessive usage of trims is amateurish and shows a lack of knowledge and skill on the part of the installer, writes Don Waterworth.

Take a look at the photographs her and opposite. This is a recent installation that I inspected.

As the installers had fixed 100mm wide trims internally at the lounge and had done so to cover over a large void. This type of shoddy workmanship diminishes the skill and efforts of the industry as a whole.

All installers should be aware that unnecessary and excessive usage of trims either internally or externally will be rejected, dismissed and indeed lambasted in any compiled Expert Report.

Fumbling amateurs
Moreover, the Expert will make it known to the Court that not only is this type of shoddy practice in contravention of the relevant British Standard and GGF code of Practice, it also shows the installers to be nothing more than 'fumbling amateurs'.

The industry is at pains to sell the consumer 'A' Rated windows, high performance doors and superbly designed conservatories. However, the performance of the products count for nothing if unnecessary and inappropriate trims are set in place to cover over the shortcomings of the fenestration surveyor and thereafter the installers.

All installers and company owners should instigate a campaign to use less trims, not more.

Professional installers
I inspect lots of installations. Professional installers often don't use any trims at all and if they do need to use any trims, then the option on trim section and size is discussed with the householder, as are the merits of having to use a trim to facilitate a weathertight and watertight installation.

So please be aware that the industry with regards to Surveying and Installer standards could well be going in the wrong direction, whereby the householder ends up with more trims than window!

Take my advice, with regards to trims - the least amount of trimming, the more suitable the installation. The trims are not part of the window.

Artical first published in The Installer Magazine, May 2016