Train Locksmiths
Train Locksmiths

"The MWCIA is great. I have increased my sales 25% or so each year I have been a member. The services are first class and my local un qualified competitors are green with envy"
Christ Beswick, St Helens, Merseyside

"The title of "REGISTERED MASTER WINDOW INSTALLER" is a tremendous edge over our competitors. The consumers are not stupid. Why would any logical person choose a non qualified installer over a Qualified Master Installer. If you are qualified you need the MWCIA. If not then get qualified!"
Mark Eales, Heat Guard, Derby

"There simply is nothing on the market like the MWCIA. Everything you need is here. Don't waste your time or money on the other schemes which promise everything and give you nothing. The MWCIA is the real deal!"
Ken Grayson, Peninsula Home Improvements, Anglesey

“I cannot believe how much work we have gained since joining the MWCIA in February 2013, but I would guess that our sales have increased by at least 30%! (the Consumer Charter brochures and the Relax brochures are brilliant at point of sale and in our showroom). Oh, and whenever we have a problem, the MWCIA are on hand. So I would say to potential members, DON’T HESITATE, this is the rear deal!”
Peter Marsden M.D. Networks UPVC, Bolton

“The best decision we have ever made was to join the MWCIA, its fabulous!  In our 1st 3 months they collected two difficult long-standing debts, re-wrote our contact terms and even helped us with one of our own suppliers, who was being difficult. And, in the 2 years that we have been members, our sales have gone up month on month. Thank you all at the MWCIA. Its brilliant”.
Andrew & Annette - Select Bathrooms, Bolton

“The MWCIA Master Tradesman Directory is a fantastic business booster. Extra sales, legal advice, technical advice, debt recovery. You name it, the MWCIA will help you with it. Don’t let your competitors get this before you. Or you will regret it”.
Alan Buxton, Ormskirk Kitchens, Southport

“I have been in ‘other’ trade associations. They are rubbish. I thought I would try the MWCIA. Wow!, they really do exactly what they say. The extra sales, assistance on disputes, contact Law, Terms & Conditions. You also get quality brochures, top quality bespoke clothing, and they have limited membership numbers. All in all, everything we tradesmen need. Don’t second guess this, join now”.
Phil Hodgson - CD Paving, Preston